Creative Team

Design Director

Evelina Hu

Evelina Hu is not only an outstanding Interior designer but also a real artiste. Her love for Chinese Arts is evident in her work. Her passion for Chinese calligraphy won her many awards in school competitions. She went on to train herself in GuZheng and is very fond of Chinese classical music.

For Evelina every piece of Interior Design is like an Opera that she conducts so gracefully and skilfully. Her client’s vision is the only standard by which she judges her design. Just as it is important for the Director of an Opera to understand every character in the story, for Evelina knowing her client’s style and lifestyle is of paramount importance.

“As a designer, you are acting the lifestyle, not the individual,” feels Evelina. Evelina maintains a friendly working relationship with her clients. Sensitive to their needs and their lifestyle, she takes her time to analyse their world, before she proceeds to work her magic.

Evelina loves to leave behind a legacy which the owner can proudly enjoy as a masterpiece that is distinctively theirs. It may not please everyone, but Evelina’s interior design is an exclusive artistic creation meant for only her client’s unique lifestyle and character.

Evelina has inspired generations of young architects and interior designers in Singapore with her masterly creations designed for the who’s who.


Alvin Felipe

Alvin Felipe is a young and talented interior designer with a unique vision. His worldview comprises a holistic vision of life. Alvin made his mark as an immensely gifted artist who could pick and choose from many design careers. He consciously chose interior design for he feels that it connects directly with human life. According to Alvin we are all very busy in our day-to-day, humdrum life and it is actually easy to forget that we are human. His work is a reminder to appreciate human life as it is.Alvin believes that to be human is to feel deeply and to be connected with our core self.

Creating outstanding interior design full of human expression is Alvin’s life mission. He regards interior design to be more personal than architecture since it is used intimately every day. The connection that an interior designer can establish with users goes very deep.   

Alvin reminds himself constantly that his design must have:

  • Balance
  • Unity
  • Proportion
  • Rhythm

Growing up in his ancestral home in Philippines built in classical style was a tremendous influence on Alvin. Little wonder though he has produced some outstanding modern and postmodern interior works, Alvin feels he is at home when he creates a Classic masterpiece. He has travelled and lived widely through Europe and has imbibed influence of many masters in his work.